Staged Media

I have been learning in one of my other classes about how the news media stages certain events.  It is mainly the public relation campaigns of affluential people who are behind this staging. One of the most popular staged events was of course President George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” speech. Image Staged Media really intrigues me because it makes me realize just how powerful P.R. is and how these people can make us believe whatever they wish. I would never think that during Bush’s speech, the civilians standing so perfectly behind him were trained before the speech was publicly aired. We really need to realize that not all of what we see on the news is what it seems to be and start watching and reading everything with a critical eye. 


3 thoughts on “Staged Media

  1. mjpwoodruff

    This is definitely disturbing… but maybe it’s safer to assume that all media is staged, unless otherwise stated..?

  2. sm1544

    The media is staged and that is a true statement. No matter what, the news will pick a side either the right or the left side and podcast the news based on what side they lean more on. It will always be that way and I don’t think that will change.


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