Hipster Thanksgiving

I recently came across this video and it was pretty funny. It wasn’t laugh out loud funny but I liked the instagram part. It’s so true that a lot of people have to post pictures of their food on instagram or facebook before eating it. It’s like, it’s not a real meal, unless you have taken a picture for evidence. I wonder what this huge craze is about or how it even started. I am guilty of doing this. I try taking pictures of food that I have made and am proud of or when I go out to eat and something looks amazing. I guess you can say it’s showing off? It’s basically like, “Hey! My dinner is better than yours. You mad bro?” Those are definitely not my intentions, however. I think beautiful food presented well is synonymous with art. My food looks nothing like the food I get at restaurants no matter how hard I try. It just isn’t! I like to appreciate it and post it on instagram when I really like it. I don’t post pictures of peanuts or bread and butter.

Am I the only one who takes pictures of their food and uploads it onto instagram?


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