Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball…What?

These days, most of my guy friends have been getting soooo into all these fantasy leagues (fantasy football and fantasy basketball). When I hang out with them, I have noooo idea what they’re talking about sometimes?

Would someone care to explain it to me?

I mean, what’s the whole point? I promise I’m not bashing on guys who do fantasy, but I don’t really understand the whole concept of it. When I’m at home, my dad and my brother just sit around the TV and watch the game without their computers (probably because they don’t do fantasy).

I just googled “fantasy basketball” and found this site, which I have no idea how to navigate. After playing flag football, I learned so much about football and how to play it, but when it comes to fantasy, I have no idea as to what is going on. I don’t know–maybe I should start paying more attention to sports? Even though I don’t do fantasy, I’d actually love to learn more about how to play certain sports.

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I'm a freshman at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. I'm planning on double majoring in English and Journalism and my dream is to eventually work at the New York Times. I'm originally from Morris County in New Jersey and live with my parents, younger brother, and my dog. I love listening to music. I find music especially comforting in times of hardship, which is why I love collecting CDs. Instead of buying music off of iTunes, I find that it is more memorable to have the actual disc in my hand. Out of all the genres of music, I especially like listening to R&B because it tends to be more calming for me--it's a lot slower and more lullaby-like than, let's say, EDM (but I find any kind of genre very interesting).

One thought on “Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball…What?

  1. eduvert1

    I don’t understand the whole fantasy sport thing either, however I think you should learn more about sports if you are interested. Before I came to college I learned so much about football and can thoroughly enjoy both televised and live games. I’m usually the one explaining things to my friends who do not understand. Trust me, it makes the excitement so much more worth it.


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