PETA: supposed to save animals, but killing them instead

This article disgusted me so much that I had to stop reading. We all believed that PETA is an organization to help and save abandoned animals, but in reality they have been killing countless of animals that go through their doors. People, like me for instance, who donated to PETA did not pay for them to kill these animals. They justify their actions by saying that they kill them in a way that they wont feel any pain, but what right do they have to decide if these animals should die or not. They could have easily met a new family.

Also, I encourage many of you who decide to get a new pet to adopt from a shelter rather than going to a pet store. Recently, I have been to many shelters to look to adopt a dog, and it is one of the saddest things I have seen. these dogs know that you are potential owners to love them and they show so much love the first time you see them.


One thought on “PETA: supposed to save animals, but killing them instead

  1. laurenreesebenson

    Thank you for spreading the word. This was an interesting article on the conroversial topic of animal safety/cruelty. I find it hard to believe that animals are being tortured and killed for selfish reasons.

    I also love the idea of rescuing pets from shelters. I have so many friends who have done this and it saves lives one at a time.


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