MySpace Was Good For Something

I apologize for my back to back Macklemore posts, its just that there were two powerful points I took from the concert regarding technology; one negative (my previous post) and one positive (this post). So throughout the concert, Macklemore would take time between songs to talk to the audience and share personal stories with the crowd. I know my previous post and many other posts say that social media has negative effects on society as a whole, but on Friday night, Macklemore shared a story in which social media, in this case MySpace, allowed a connection to happen that would have never happened had MySpace not been created. Between one of the songs, Macklemore was explaining how he and Ryan Lewis became the dynamic duo that they are today. Macklemore explained that when he returned to his parents’ home after getting out of rehab, he was browsing MySpace and happened to click on Ryan Lewis’s profile. He explained that the music player that popped up on Ryan’s profile was what changed everything. Macklemore immediately knew that Ryan’s music was what he wanted to rap to, he automatically knew that this was the guy that he wanted to pair up with. And if Macklemore never sent that friend request, who knows where both Macklemore and Ryan Lewis would be today. I think that in often times when we focus on the drawbacks of social media, we forget about things like this–positive connections that are facilitated by social media. Some aren’t as major as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and then again some are. I just thought it was interesting to hear that someone so famous started from MySpace–something that many people make jokes about or cast aside now that social media is such an integral part of our modern day society.

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