Modern Day Heroes Watch Out.,d.cWc

This is something that Professor Bielecki showed to us in class this past week. I was pretty confused as why anyone would ever want to harm a stranger who is doing good. Witnesses are people who have the courage (hopefully) to report an incident for other people. In a sense, witnesses are heroes. They stick their neck out for others without asking for anything in return. I find it repulsive that people would abuse instagram to use it to rat out these kind people. I wonder what the motivation for these people was. If they needed a witness, I do not think they would appreciate their witness being ratted out. I would personally feel indebted to my witness if there was a hit and run and I was the victim. What is even more sick is how people like these photos. I think that anyone would find these photos very interesting. I can definitely see why people would want to like these photos, but by liking them, it’s encouraging this type of behavior. I’m just not sure what’s going on with this world anymore. 😦


One thought on “Modern Day Heroes Watch Out.

  1. laurenreesebenson

    Peple in this world are going to abuse technology in one way or another. It’s another platform that allows the scared and self-hating anonymous to project and spew their hatred over everybody. If in turn they create chaos and harm for others, the more they feel satisfied with themselves.


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