Jelly Beans!

Who likes jelly beans? haha I do!

But this video has nothing to do with eating jelly beans. This video shows a man showing viewers how much we are wasting our lives. It is amazing and it has opened my eyes to see how much I have been wasting my life on pointless things, such as whining or sleeping half my day away.


the article:


2 thoughts on “Jelly Beans!

  1. laurenreesebenson

    I saw this a few weeks ago. It really made an impact on may day. I took notice to many of the things that I was taking for grantid and wasting. I think everyone should take a moment to look at life through this perspective but it’s important to know that life is what you make it, its not always going to be a specific number of jelly beans so choose your time wisely!

  2. GabbyG

    Wow I really love this video, it totally gives perspective on how much time we waste in our lives and what we should be doing with it instead. Thanks for sharing


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