I think I have an idea!

Previously, I had not been satisfied with my topic choice for the podcast project. Two of the examples provided on WordPress were of student’s explaining a significant event in their lives. Reflecting upon my own life, there is not one particular event that I can discuss for ten minutes without rambling. I thought I wanted to make my podcast about my freshmen year experience at Rutgers; however, I later decided this idea is too general.

Instead, in my podcast I will be discussing cyber bullying. I want to organize my podcast like a news report, as if I am the news reporter. I want to find an audio clip of a news station’s jingle so I can pretend to be a news reporter for that station. Treating my podcast like a news report should not be too difficult because often the news is delivered without visual aids. In my podcast, I would like to focus on a particular case study, in which cyber bullying caused severe problems, or even a suicide. I am going to search for interviews with family members, news footage from a courtroom, and an audio clip of the bully apologizing for his/her actions. I will find related printed/online news articles in which I can dictate. I will include a formal definition about cyber bullying and general statistics about the topic from various sources.  I hope to find information about laws regarding cyber bullying. I will use the Rutgers Library Resources data bases to acquire my information.

I don’t want listeners to hear my podcast and just be simply informed about one particular event; I want the audience to be convinced never to participate in cyber bullying. Like for my video essay on texting while driving, my ultimate goal is to convince the audience not to engage in a specific of behavior, cyber bullying.

If you know of a particular incident (other than Tyler Clementi’s) where a victim of cyber bullying committed suicide, please share it with me in a comment. 


One thought on “I think I have an idea!

  1. eduvert1

    I do not remember the name of the girl, but her classmates mom pretended to be a guy or something and in the end the girl ended up committing suicide. I do not remember all of the details but I think if you search that the story will come up. Good luck!


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