Concerts and Technology

So this post is a combination of a rant, with intentions of discussing how technology is affecting our lives. This past weekend, I saw Macklemore in concert at Madison Square Garden. My boyfriend and I got general admission tickets, and since we really wanted to get as close to stage as possible, we got to the doors about two hours before they opened and waited in line. As an avid Macklemore fan, I was super excited when I entered the venue because for one, I was at the concert, and two, our efforts to get to the doors early proved to be fruitful; we were about two rows from stage. So the opening acts came out, and finally an hour and half later, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took to the stage. Here I am, enjoying the concert and then every single girl about 16 years old, (there were a lot) whipped out their phones and started taking videos, pictures, tweeting, and snap chatting pictures of Macklemore. At first, I thought,”okay, that’s fine, he just came out, they’re probably just excited to see him.” Boy, was I wrong. The entire time these concert goers had their phones out. At first I was annoyed because I couldn’t see Macklemore that well, and then I got even more upset because I realized that these people weren’t even here to enjoy the concert, they were just concerned with proving to others that they were actually at the concert. The second realization was what really set me off. If you’re just going to take pictures, and notify people via social media at that moment that you’re at the concert, then you’re just trying to make yourself seem “cool” and you’re not there to enjoy the experience of being at a concert. I just think that kids our age and younger and losing focus of in-person interaction and performances. Macklemore put on a great show and performance and many kids that night got too caught up in social media and technology to recognize certain one in a lifetime experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I took pictures and videos too, but I would snap a few in the beginning of a few songs and then put it away because after all, the memories I have from that night are much more powerful than any picture or video I took on my phone.

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I'm currently a sophomore at Rutgers University looking to major in marketing. I'm on the field hockey team and spend a majority of my free time (when I'm not on the field or in the classroom) hanging out with my teammates. I love to online shop or more specifically browse and Pinterest is one of my favorite websites to visit.

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