Catch An Illegal Immigrant “Game” at the University of Texas

First of all, who thought this was a good idea?!

The chairman of the Young Conservatives of Texas, Lorenzo Garcia, is catching heat (well deserved heat) after organizing a “catch an illegal immigrant game” at the University of Texas. The premise of the game calls for students to apprehend people wearing “illegal immigrant” labels in exchange for a $25 gift card. The game was supposed to increase awareness of illegal immigration but is now instead garnering national fame for it’s absurdity.

According to Buzzfeed’s interview with Garcia, he said that “what’s going on is you go up to them and you present them a student ID and say, ‘Hi, I’m here to take you in, immigration services.”‘

This isn’t Garcia’s first controversy as he caught heat for an anti-affirmative action back sale earlier in the fall which set different prices for people of different races. 

Regardless of my political views the idea of “catching illegal immigrants” as a game is something that should not be tolerated.


2 thoughts on “Catch An Illegal Immigrant “Game” at the University of Texas

  1. miguelalex888

    Well then, this is just completely offensive in every way. I mean, it’s one thing to not like illegal immigrants, it’s another to just de-humanize them into targets to be hunted.
    I am disgusted.


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