Two ways to look at it


While scrolling down my instagram feed, I came upon this picture posted by one of my friends with a caption “it depicts how we are addicted to media” with numerous hash tags. However, when I looked at the picture, I realized that the viewer could look at it in two different ways. The viewer could say that technology chains people down and surround them in this invisible bubble. People live in their own bubble sometimes and fail to see the bigger pictures. However, someone could say that technology is embedded so deeply in our culture that it became part of who we are.

At times, I wonder if I can live without my smart phone or even computer. I tried turning off my cellphone and going on with the day without it. But, after going two hours without it, I felt this sense awerness of my surrounding t but at the same time lost. I was lost because I would always try to find my cellphone to look at something that is irrelevant or having the small device in my hand gave me assurance. Yet,I felt calm because I did not have to worry about who is texting, calling or getting those notifications from social media websites. Do you think technology is chaining us down or is part of us?


One thought on “Two ways to look at it

  1. joellerae

    I definitely think that technology has become a major part of us. It is obvious to most people that it would be extremely difficult (and maybe even unnecessary) to go a day without it. Since it seems as if technology has taken over our lives and is immovable from our lives, I think that gives it the opportunity to have both positive and negative effects depending on how we use it.


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