Improv or scripted?

Just out of curiosity are you guys writing out an entire script for your podcast or just winging it? Personally, I’m doing a mix of both by outlining what I want to say with all of my major points. To be honest I just really don’t have the patience nor the willpower to sit down a write a script for a ten minute podcast. Even with the use of additional media I think I’m going to find a hard time making all the way to ten minutes. As always, I wish I hadn’t of waited until now to really start working on the podcast. I collected all the media I wanted to use but I think tonight is the first night I’ve actually sat down, planned it out, and typed something up. Where are the rest of you guys at with your podcasts? Please tell me I’m not the only one who hasn’t gotten to work yet. Also, to those of you who have recorded something already- did you find it easier to have a fully done script?


4 thoughts on “Improv or scripted?

  1. jscillitani

    I’m in the same boat as you, so you’re not alone! I had a very hard time planning out the structure of my podcast. Once I got that all figured out, finding clips to include in it, and scripting my own clips was much easier. At first I did not write out a script, but then I decided it would be helpful for me too and it has been easier ever since. I highly recommend scripting it out! Good luck with everything, once your thoughts and script is organized, everything will really come together!

  2. angiewishes

    I scripted my podcast project. I feel that it’ll be much easier to have a continuous flow that way. I’ve read it over a few times and made additions and changes, but I familiarized myself with what I wanted to say so it’ll be more natural.

  3. kristinalisa08

    My group and I outlined the ideas that we wanted to talk about. It is a pretty lengthy outline so it will probably reach the time limit, but if i were you, if you feel comfortable with your topic, i would do improv. sometimes it works out better when you sound more natural then robotic. either way I’m sure it will be fine!

  4. sm1544

    I don’t think my podcast will be scripted. Right now I am more focused on outlining my idea(s) since I still not sure on what i should talk about. But as long as you have an outline then I feel like you will be able to talk for 10 minutes about your topic.


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