I want to go to Antarctica.

Time for something a little personal.

I want to go to Antarctica.


Antarctica, note all the ice.

Not like take a stupid tourist ferry. Like I legitimately want to stay in a cramped research base in the middle of freezing nowhere for a long period of time.


I don’t know. It looks cool (no pun intended). It looks so alien and uninviting, monochrome and barren…but I feel like I could really get inspired by a prolonged stay there.

The closest thing we have to the edge of the world.

Anyways, what does this have to do with a writing blog?

Well there is actually a few positions each year on the Antarctic bases for writers and artists through this program:


Stay in the middle of ice.

Get inspired.

Produce work.


I’d like to do it sometime, when I’m a bit older and more settled. It’s a goal/dream. (I also have more normal destinations, like…the other continents and their tourist traps)

I think it’s nice that there are opportunities like this, I mean it certainly isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of a writer. You can also get a certification for teaching English and get sent around small countries as a teacher.

Last year, I grabbed a flyer recruiting such people for China, but never thought really seriously about it.

But it’s good to keep in the back of your mind that there are chances like this available.

PS. Emperor Penguins are my favorite animal, but that’s only 20% of the reason I’d like to go Antarctica.


2 thoughts on “I want to go to Antarctica.

  1. angiewishes

    Lol, this is really interesting! I’ve actually never met anyone who genuinely wanted to go to Antarctica. I don’t think I could handle not being near civilization and the fact my nearest neighbor is a penguin. I’m sure it’ll be a very different from the typical tourist experience.

  2. GabbyG

    This is so awesome! I’ve always wanted to go to Antarctica but more so I can knock off set food on every continent off my bucket list. Anyway, this is such an amazing experience and if you have the time and want to do it, you should totally make it happen!


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