google maps shows dead sons body

A man from California is asking google maps to remove a specific image because it was the location where his son was shot and murdered in 2009. The boys killer had not been found and seeing this image brought back horrible memories. His father says, “What’s the point to show those pictures to the people, you know — pictures of my dead son?” he said. “This is really painful to the whole family.”

CNN does not show the image but I am assuming the body was literally seen in the image which doesn’t really make sense to me. Why wouldn’t they wait until the body was picked up before they took their images? And they should have noticed it was inappropriate content!


2 thoughts on “google maps shows dead sons body

  1. joellerae

    Your post is really interesting. It makes me think about how the boundaries within social media and technology have not been set it stone. Personally, I feel like certain things should not allowed to be posted on the web (like this image/location from the murder). Unfortunately, there are no guidelines to what can and cannot be posted on the web/media sites, which gives the news and anyone else the freedom to post whatever they want.

  2. rebeccalee0927

    they should be respecting the family’s wishes, especially since the killer has not been found. hopefully google will listen to their pleads and hopefully the murderer will be found.


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