best buy give away

I read this article and thought is was so crazy. Apparently, between November 18 and January 4, 2013  students and only students have the opportunity to buy a new smartphone at the Student Activated Price (the average phone price is $530), and activate it on a Sprint Unlimited, My Way plan. You’ll need to pay for the cost of the phone, plus a $36 activation fee, taxes, and any other applicable fees.

After activating the phone, student gets 1 free GB of data texting and calling and only has to pay$10 a month. Im not sure how i feel about this. First of all, they have to pay for the phone right on the spot, which is a lot of money. Also,only receiving 1GB of data is NOTHING. This seems like a good deal but i disagree. What do you think? Would you guys do this?


One thought on “best buy give away

  1. rebeccalee0927

    I honestly think it is a good idea for those who need a new phone and has an update coming. This is definitely to get sprint for costumers since sprint falls behind verizon and at&t.


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