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With the due date for our podcast projects quickly inching up, I am officially in the process of working on mine. Although the topic my partner and I chose is similar to what we did for our last project, I am really enjoying this end of exploiting the information I find. Similarly to our project last month, the topic we are focusing on is setting goals for weight and health. The main purpose of our podcast is basically to educate anyone who is listening. Many people feel like getting into shape and starting a new workout or diet plan is extremely difficult. Contrary to popular belief, our podcast brings light to the fact that getting into shape is simple. As long as you have the right mind-set and the determination to change whatever you are unhappy about, it should be relatively easy. To add to this point, we make it clear that since technology has become so prominent and such an important factor in our society, this makes getting in shape even easier. With search bars and a variety of websites, any confusion can be cleared up with the click of a button. More specifically, if you are unsure of what a good workout plan is, you can quickly search it up on the web.
Most of the time when people are not satisfied with their body weight or with the way they look, they do not take the initiative to go out and change it. Laziness and the thought of possibly failing is a haunting factor that halts many of us. What I believe is the most important thing when changing your physicality and your health is the way you think. The underlining mechanism towards reaching any goal (not just a goal weight or a goal health) is believing that you CAN and WILL achieve it. Don’t be afraid to fail. No one ever got to where they wanted to go or achieved greatness without putting themselves out there. In order to make any changes in your life, you must take risks.
Most importantly, this podcast also shows that ANYONE can set goals for themselves. The topic is not directed towards one specific person or people, rather, it is supposed to motivate every individual who tunes in. Whether you are extremely skinny, average weight, obese, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, a weak bicep, etc., our podcast will hopefully make you realize that you do not have to be unhappy about these things. Everything listed above can be changed and altered if you put yourself out there to do so.
When first formulating this podcast idea, it was nothing but something easy to discuss. Getting deeper into the topic of setting goals and achieving them though, I am finding that it is really important to be motivated. In conclusion, I hope that our podcast does not bore everyone and I hope that at least one person gets something out of it.

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About joellerae

My name is Joelle Altomare! I am currently attending Rutgers University, class of 2016, and I am a cell biology and neuroscience major. I have a twin sister and my favorite thing to do in my free time is surf. The purpose of this blog is to motivate people and show them that nothing is impossible. With determination comes greatness and if you work hard towards your goals, you will achieve them.

One thought on “Podcast on the way

  1. jscillitani

    I am very excited to hear about your podcast. I am sure I will enjoy it and walk away taking something out of it. I think others will be very interested also, it’s an awesome topic and I’m sure it will all come together greatly!


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