Florida passes bill allowing the testing of Driverless Cars


As someone who is not into the whole driving too much, driverless cars seem great. (I think cars are completely unnatural, like seriously, we are sitting in giant metal boxes and moving at speeds were the slightest swivel of your hand could lead to death).

I mean, the ability to just put down some address and go along for the ride…that’s game changing.

There is the problem of computer error and the like, but for one, I think I could depend on a high-end computer to do a specific task more than just any human lying around.

A computer does not drink and drive.

It does not text and drive.

It does not get sleepy.

Or succumb to road rage and crappy driving technique.

If this all works out the roads will be very different in a decade or two.


PS. I guess the CIA could hack into your car and make it fly off a bridge or something, so there’s that actually.


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