You can only get so close.

For the reading this week, I also picked up on Lanier’s point about technology trying to come close to reality. Is no one else disturbed by how much this actually already exists? Social networks, video chatting, recreation software, editing, etc.  IT IS UPON US PEOPLE. And honestly doing this is only causing more unnecessary first-world problems. Knock-offs are a good example. Have you ever seen someone wearing a pair of boots that look like Uggs? and it turns out that they’re actually a pair of Emus? or Bear Paws? Or some other not Ugg brand-name product that look suspiciously like Uggs? (I don’t know the names of all the brands, so correct me if I’m wrong.) There’s a reason for that. What it is I cannot exactly say at the moment. But it is probably what inspires these tech people to keep making these outrageous products and developments to make technology the reality. When in reality, we ARE in reality, and it is fully functional. So tech people, if you are reading at the moment, please stop trying to create reality: IT ALREADY EXISTS. Just like the toaster. Or the vacuum. Or shoelaces. Someone beat you to it.


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