Vodka Sam

This is is an article off of the girl I mentioned in class. If she had done the same thing without posting any of it to social media, her reputation would not be a viral story. The girl Sam mentions how she can only blame herself for posting about her drunken actions to Twitter, but that she had no intention of it being a national story. The tweet “Just went to jail #yolo” got her over 25,000 followers in less that 24 hours. It begs the question, just as Carr believes, that the internet and social media are changing the world we live in for the negative. The show 20/20 labeled her tweeting as T.U.I -Tweeting Under The Influence. Is the way we use social media to express drunken actions or embarrassing thoughts a generational issue or individual? Personally I believe this is generational and as bad as it is, if I were in “Vodka Sam’s” shoes in jail cell under the influence with my cell phone I too would have done something similar. I think that it really shows the negative aspects of putting your personal information on the internet and how others can take advantage that. Now “Vodka Sam” is staying away from social media for awhile because of her recent experience. After she deleted her account many fake accounts appeared with her picture and name.

I think this issue shows a lot about what we put on the internet and how others can use our information that we put on the internet. Will more people make similar mistakes and stay away from social media or will we learn our lesson and post less personal information on the world wide web? Personally I don’t think people will stop posting personal information on Twitter or Facebook, but rather they need to learn how to use their privacy settings.


3 thoughts on “Vodka Sam

  1. joellerae

    When it comes to posting things on the internet, nothing is ever really private. I completely agree with you when you say that anything that is posted online has the chance of being exploited everywhere. Putting a private lock on your information is not even enough to keep you safe and it is important to know that if there are things you would not like anyone to see, you should not post them on any type of social media site.

  2. miguelalex888

    A good ol’ case of social media going terribly, terribly wrong. People will always be quick to gather around things like this, and I don’t think there is anything malicious about it for the most part. You just see a funny drunk tweet, retweet, share with your friends…a passing joke to you, but horrible for the person involved, when millions of people do it.

  3. jscillitani

    Unfortunately stories like this one happen way too often. I don’t think many people realize how important it is to behave while using the internet. It sounds so simple and like common sense, however, one thing said wrongly could get around so fast and completely destroy the person that said it, whether it was an accident or not. Nothing on the internet is entirely private and that is something that everyone needs to hear, especially the children of today who are using the internet more frequently than we ever did when we were younger.


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