Toronto Mayor: Someone You Want to Party With

OK so maybe he isn’t someone you want to party with even if you are a partier (note his aggressive nature), but one thing is for sure: This man loves his drugs! Not to poke fun at addiction but clearly, and I mean clearly, this man is not suitable for public office. 

Background: The mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, has been in the spotlight in recent months. He has been caught (digitally) for smoking crack and being belligerently drunk. He says some pretty entertaining things in the clips. Since then, former aides have come out with more serious allegations including ones related to prostitution, drunk driving and promising ladies on the street jobs after smoking a joint with them. Yet, the mayor still won’t step down despite calls from city council for him to do so.

So, moral of the story: Don’t smoke crack. But if you do, don’t let it be recorded (especially if you hold public office). But seriously, this is a prime example of how the internet, new technology regarding recording and social media have brought private life into the public sphere.


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