Hello all! So I am hacking away at my podcast idea, which if you read my post about it around a week or two ago, is about interracial dating. While I am collecting legitimate statistical information, I was curious to see how students here felt about it. so I created a form with a few questions for you all (if you would be so awesome to fill it out for me!). I promise it will take you less than five minutes and there is a question or two in there that I am interested to see how it gets responded to.

Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/a/scarletmail.rutgers.edu/forms/d/1QTpUiYD-mkJbywUhFIsa-DLSQr9qhCCxtUw5mkAoyDM/viewform

It does not ask for names or even grade level, the only thing it asks about is your race (so I will honestly never be able to figure out who you are). Fill away, and if you want to share the link with a few other Rutgers students, feel free! Thanks guys!



6 thoughts on “Podcast.

  1. GabbyG

    I think doing a podcast on interracial dating is awesome! My parents are an interracial couple and coincidentally enough, I’m in an interracial relationship as well. Now that you mention it, I’m not sure I actually see that many interracial couples around Rutgers, although I’m sure they’re there. Anyway, I filled out your survey, best of luck!

  2. kristinalisa08

    this is an amazing idea for a podcast. i just took the quiz. i personally do not mind interracial couples in any way. all that matters is happiness and its important that others are aware of this! good luck

  3. sm1544

    This such an interesting idea to talk about, there is a lot of interesting points and views that you could talk about. I am still stuck on what I should do my podcast on. but Good luck! 🙂


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