Europe is not more socially advanced



Recent media attention being given to suspicions that a Greek Roma couple kidnapped a white, blonde little girl just goes to show how unwavering prejudice against Roma is in Europe. Despite the hundreds of legitimate kidnappings that occur every day around the world, Europeans jumped at the chance to persecute the Roma couple in the media, making unfounded accusations against the couple that ranged from child-snatching to involvement in a child-prostitution ring. As it turns out, the girl was not related to the couple, but was illegitimately given to them by a Bulgarian Roma woman who could not take care of her daughter. Despite the fact that they cared for her like their own, they were still met with the ever-familiar racism that has plagued European Roma for centuries. It is as if the mere appearance of a Roma couple with a “blonde angel,” as the girl was dubbed in the Greek media, was enough to confirm all the slanderous and untrue stereotypes about gypsies, and all of Europe promptly began to salivate at the thought of long-held rumors about Roma stealing children finally being tangible enough to prove. 


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