I cannot tell a lie, I am addicted. So I decided for my third post for the week (and for the night), I would just share some of the college-related posts they have put up recently. 

This first one is about college in general (

This second one is if you have the joy of sharing a room with someone. This one originated on BuzzFeed but they must have moved it or something, so I found the non-hilarious GIF filled version of it (

Sites like this, StumbleUpon, and 9Gag have been my entertainment lately. It is not hard to keep me occupied, so I am assuming that’s why. But we will leave that one for a professional to figure out.


2 thoughts on “BuzzFeed.

  1. maryellencags

    Buzzfeed is my guilty pleasure. It’s not exactly a reliable source for news, but it is an exceptional source for rankings of cute animals and lists that satisfy my frivolous side. I love looking at posts when I’m drifting off to sleep.


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