Typhoon Haiyan

As many of you should know, a devastating typhoon hit the Philippines last Friday morning. This typhoon has been absolutely wrecked by this typhoon, one of the strongest storms in recorded history and yet no one is talking about it. The only people on social media that I see talking about what happened are my relatives in the Philippines expressing just how badly the nation has been hit. I know as college students we live in the “college bubble” but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that all I’ve been hearing/seeing is talk of Stan the LX bus driver. I’m sorry but one man’s loss of his job should not be as important to the student body as the loss of thousands of lives and the displacement of millions of people. It’s harsh, but we need to get a grip.

Here are some links if you want to help out or learn more:






One thought on “Typhoon Haiyan

  1. eduvert1

    In this case, I feel as if people will only acknowledge issues that they know they can/want to change. I personally do care about the typhoon in the Philippines (and have already donated to relief efforts), but I have also signed that petition to bring Stan back. Both issues matter but for very different reasons. Stan was inspirational to a lot of people, including myself, I won’t get into details for the sake of time. But the typhoon is one of those things that people, especially in NJ should be able to relate to how they feel. Just over a year ago we were in need of help and received so much support to rebuild and ease some of the pain from our losses, and now that’s what the people in the Philippines need from all of us. I feel like people forget when they were in those shoes and it saddens me to think that they only want to do things that directly affect them positively. People were not thinking like that when they helped us rebuild, so why should they?


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