Saving Trees vs Saving My Patience

Ok. I am a green person. I love the Earth, I don’t want us to screw it up, I think we are sometimes (most of the time) huge assholes in how we treat our resources, and I’m paranoid that I’ll be using a gas mask in 20 years because there won’t be any pure air left. But. For the love of all that is holy, I hate online course catalogs.

I mean, I get that we’re trying to save trees, and it makes updating them THAT much easier, but it is sometimes REALLY hard to find a class online, and I feel liking I’m missing out on all of these things I could know about if I could easily flip through a book and find them. Online catalogs feel like a stab in the dark. You have to know exactly what you’re looking for. You can’t browse. And for someone who has no concrete idea of what she is MOST passionate about (only that she is moderately passionate about many things) browsing is my life. I need to browse. I cannot handle a stab in the dark.

Colleges aren’t the only place this happens. There is a huge switch (obviously, we’ve been reading endlessly about it) from paper to electronic, and I support the idea of it. I honestly, really do. But I don’t know how to not be a snob and say, “I love old fashioned books. I like flipping through pages. I like the ambience of a spine and covers and paper and printed ink.” And I don’t want to have to apologize for it.

So. If anyone out there has an idea about how to save trees AND save my patience at the same time, I’d love to hear it. Because online course catalogs suck. I don’t want to feel guilty about being #teampaper

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About mjpwoodruff

My biggest dilemma throughout life has probably been figuring out what I’m most interested in out of all the things I’ve ever come across and thought was worth a second glance. I have lists on my phone for all the books I haven’t bought and want to read, all the music I’ve tagged and want to listen to, all the fleeting thoughts I’ve had that could lead to an interesting topic for further daydreaming, etc. I probably visit as often as I visit social media sites. A short list of things I’ve considered majoring in: film, poetry, neuroscience, composing, screenwriting, anthropology, biology, history, journalism, sociology, forensic science, political science. The only thing I’ve found in common with all of these things so far is that they all relate to humans, how they work, and how they interact. I love bees, morning drives into New York City, and ultimate frisbee. I also sell Girl Scout cookies, if you’re into that. - Maggie Woodruff

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