Remember Motorola phones?!

I am sure some of the people who are more into technology know that motorola is a company that still exits, but for those of us who are less into technological things, it may be more surprising to hear the word: motorola.  The last time I heard the word Motorola was way back in the day when the motorola razor flip phone came out and it was the latest craze.  I remember begging my parents for a phone like this.  I wanted it so badly, no matter how ridiculously overpriced it was, or how terrible it’s battery life was.  It was something that many of my peers had, and I wanted to fit in and have one also.  Needless to say, I never did actually end up with a motorola razor flip phone, but I can still remember how badly I wanted one.

After reading this article,  Motorola Aims for Do-it Yourself Smart Phones , I was thinking a lot about how different phones are and what not.  I know that this is something that is commonly mentioned in posts and class, but I really could talk about it and think about it for days.  It is crazy to see how something as simple as an old flip phone, has turned into something so advanced.  It is so interesting to see how we are now at a point where creating  your own smartphone is becoming an option.  I know that this is not something that will become official for a while (just like all new technology and ideas), but it has been thought out and is going to be carried out very soon, with where we are at in today’s society.  I think it would be awesome to have a do-it yourself smart phone.  Granted it is not something that I would need in my life, in order to survive, but I think it would be a fun extra to have!

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My name is Jenna. I am a student at Rutgers University. My major is Public Health, and I am in a BS/MPH Program for a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Health Education and Behavioral Sciences. In my free time, I really enjoy working on DIY (Do-it Yourself) projects and crafting.

2 thoughts on “Remember Motorola phones?!

  1. eduvert1

    My first two phones were actually Motorola phones. The first was a bar phone that only used polyphone ringtones. I know haha. The second one was actually a razr! I liked it at the time but I had to keep my nails short in order to use the buttons since they were so flat -_- But it makes me feel good to see that the brand that I trusted when I was younger is trying to come back (although I betrayed them with my Apple product-sorry Moto!)


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