Obsession with lists?

Has anyone else noticed that in recent years there has been a surge in lists. For example the “what every girl should know before she’s 20” or “the 12 signs that you’ve picked the right major” and so on and so forth. I was thinking about it and maybe it’s due to our generation’s fast track internet mentality. Lists are quick, concise, and give us exactly the information we need without any fuss. This liking of lists can explain the rise in popularity of sites such as Buzzfeed which is notorious for it’s lists containing a multitude of gifs and witty writing.

Some examples:

The 17 Most Spectacular NASA Photos Ever Taken

17 Signs That You’re In Love With Chicken Nuggets

18 Things We Can All Learn From Buddy The Elf

(Side Note): After thanksgiving it will officially be time to watch Buddy the Elf and all other holiday movies all the time and I am so excited


4 thoughts on “Obsession with lists?

  1. eduvert1

    I JUST posted a link to this funny list about roommates on my roommate’s wall! That’s so weird.. But I do have to agree with you. I would rather take in a list with up to 100 points than read a long story that stretches on forever that contains the same information. But I think that it is a preference for all people. I cannot count how many times I have heard someone say “Just give me the short version.” I think it might be a human thing, but who knows.

  2. miguelalex888

    Yep, lists are annoying the heck out of me. I like the way cracked.com does it, when there is a list for most the articles, but they actually have content for each item.
    Like stuff that actually makes me laugh. Well, at least they used to.
    Most of the lists I see like in Buzfeed and all are just half-assed and probably more engineered to get clicks (and advertisement views) than anything else.

  3. mjpwoodruff

    ^ The above comment is pretty accurate. Lists feel like news feeds and give the impression of important information – that’s why they are so successful.


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