Stan the LX bus driver

I am sure most of you already know who Stan the LX bus driver is and I am also sure most of you know what happened to him. If you dont here is a brief recap: He was a bus driver that drove the LX bus. He recently “retired” but was technically fired because he put his hands on a student and prayed for that student. He is known and loved by students for his encouraging words, his cheery smile, and his hugs and high fives whenever you enter the bus through the front. I put retired in quotations because he was technically fired, but because the bus company did not want to be put under heat by students, they said he was retired.

Do you think the reason for him to be fired was a good reason? I understand that this is a public school and religion should not be spread by people that work for the school, such as it is  in high school. BUT if i recall correctly, the student asked for the prayer and students need words of encouragement by someone right?



4 thoughts on “Stan the LX bus driver

  1. miguelalex888

    It’s a very tricky issue. I think the reason the administration felt he had to go was because the student that complained about it could make a big deal out of it.
    A warning probably could have worked just as well, but that doesn’t guarantee that the story won’t break out or anything.
    Especially when Rutgers already got the whole thing with the Basketball coach, I don’t think anyone would want to risk being the guy who sweeps anything under the rug.
    It’s a real shame, because he really enjoyed his job, and most of the students loved him too.
    I’ll miss him!

  2. mjboyer

    I think this is simply another example of political correctness. Rutgers and the bus company are the epitome of political correctness. Stan is a religious man, and he likes to express this under his First Amendment rights. Regardless of his vocalization of some religious beliefs, some of which I do not agree with, he is an inspiration to all. He is not making me abide to religious doctrine. He is not preventing me from discussing my agreement or opposition to his beliefs. His actual care for the students and his work by far trump the spiritual topics he may discuss. But first transit/Rutgers handled this horribly. Stand has only done things to help those around him, not hurt them. They wanted him to “resign” so they didn’t have to fire him. And firing someone for the reasons they fired him, especially since it is STAN THE RUTGERS BUS DRIVER, would cause a whole public relations issue that they would not want to deal with. I feel as if his boss asking for him to resign so they don’t have to deal with firing him proves my overall point.
    Have you ever felt what is like to have your day do a 180 because of a Rutgers bus driver? Well say goodbye to that.

  3. mjpwoodruff

    I can see why they would want to remove him from service – people get really touch-y feel-y about religion in public places (and religion in general). I feel as though they wouldn’t have taken action unless someone complained, and I think it’s fair for someone to complain if they feel uncomfortable. But to fire a guy over it… I don’t know. I think that’s a little extreme. Maybe they could have given him a warning, or told him to stop praying over students and continue with the rest of his work. However, I don’t know the full extent of the situation so I can’t really judge any of the actions.

  4. Sarah Jaihe Lee

    I don’t think it’s fair that Stan got “fired” because everyone knows how much of an impact he has made on the Rutgers community. However, I can understand the reasoning behind it. If he had prayed for the student when he was off-duty, I think it would have been okay. If he was on the job and doing something that doesn’t fit his job description, then the school has every right to say something. I am not saying what he did was wrong but I don’t think the school could have fired Stan unless he went against an actual rule or code of conduct. I think rather than firing him, they should have given him a warning and if he wants to stick to his beliefs/morals, then he could resign. I honestly think whether or not he’s physically here, he is still here in spirit and he has touched many lives.


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