Rutgers Bus Playlists

It took me a while to figure out what I could do for a podcast, and ultimately I decided I wanted to do something about music. I just wasn’t sure what I could say about it. But I figure I’ll have an easier time talking about something I care deeply about. Here are some twists I was thinking about putting on music/sound to make it an interesting podcast:

– I could ask people on the buses what they are listening to, and comparing the different bus “playlists” I come up with. What does that say about Rutgers students?

– Similarly, I could ask people what sounds/songs are tied to a good or bad memory that they have. Is there a sound/song that you have heard that that reminded you of an entirely different time period?


If you guys have any suggestions on how I could expand on this idea, please let me know.

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My biggest dilemma throughout life has probably been figuring out what I’m most interested in out of all the things I’ve ever come across and thought was worth a second glance. I have lists on my phone for all the books I haven’t bought and want to read, all the music I’ve tagged and want to listen to, all the fleeting thoughts I’ve had that could lead to an interesting topic for further daydreaming, etc. I probably visit as often as I visit social media sites. A short list of things I’ve considered majoring in: film, poetry, neuroscience, composing, screenwriting, anthropology, biology, history, journalism, sociology, forensic science, political science. The only thing I’ve found in common with all of these things so far is that they all relate to humans, how they work, and how they interact. I love bees, morning drives into New York City, and ultimate frisbee. I also sell Girl Scout cookies, if you’re into that. - Maggie Woodruff

4 thoughts on “Rutgers Bus Playlists

  1. alistever

    I like your first idea about asking students on the buses which music they’re listening to, a lot of people here at Rutgers listen to music when they’re on the bus or just walking from class to class. I do always wonder what people are listening to when I see them on the bus so I would find your podcast to be interesting! I think another possible way to approach this topic would be to also compare the music listeners vs. non listeners…maybe ask them if their bus-riding experience is better or worse if they’re listening to music or not.

  2. angiewishes

    I think this idea is really creative! I always listen to music podcasts and it’d be great to hear a Rutgers version. I like alistever’s idea of correlating music with bus-ride experience. I know that most of the time I mindlessly listen to music on the bus so it might be difficult to answer the question of whether or not the song is associated with a particular emotion or memory.

  3. laurenreesebenson

    I like your idea about song and memory. It’s safe to say that everyone has an experience or memory that is directly correlated with a certain song. I love those types of memories, especially if their good ones! I think you should try and shed light on WHY we have these direct connections, whether its the lyrics that play a role in the situation around you at the time, or the melody, or both!

  4. GabbyG

    I think this idea is super creative! You actually could probably do both ideas, start off with the bus playlists and then ask people about certain songs on that playlist. As the commenter above said I think trying to figure out why is a great way to go as you podcast will be entertaining as well as informative.


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