Just letting my frustration out….

As a sophomore in the business school, I decided to take all my intro classes (intro to marketing and etc) next semester, to start actual business classes next year. BUT when I tried to register two nights ago, I did not get any intro classes and got classes I did not really need. I was ruscrewed 😦 and this happened to me the semester before and the one before and the one before that. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME? so all the intro classes are now kind of taken, or the ones I wanted to get are taken. The reason for this: I did not send in my major declaration sheet in…. WHICH I did not know about because my advisor sent it to some email i never ever used. I do not even know where he got that email from… So I couldve gotten my classes if I sent in this sheet. I know i sound spoiled and upset about something stupid and that this happens to majority of rutgers students, but just a little upset that my perfectly planned schedule couldve happened only if i handed in this piece of paper.


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