He’s not funny, but he’s right

I have never been particularly fond of famed British comedian Russell Brand, though others my age seem to love him. I find his comedy an obnoxious overuse of pretentious language that sacrifices quality for volume. Also, drug addicts are boring, and he talks about being a drug addict a lot.

But this interview really hit a nerve. Brand expressed what I’ve been trying to think for years. He’s right – so many people are disillusioned by the current political system, and speaking for myself, I too feel that my vote doesn’t count for diddly squat. I find myself crippled by hopelessness when it comes to being politically active because it always seems to turn out the same: the wealthy get wealthier. 



2 thoughts on “He’s not funny, but he’s right

  1. mjboyer

    I don’t sit in line with Brand’s political perspective. In fact, I’m sure we disagree on the means to solve most of the world’s problems — political and non alike. Although I do not believe he is the best dude to run a political magazine. I liked that the interviewer pressed him on not exercising his right to vote. However, I have the comfort in knowing that Russell Brand at least acknowledges SOMETHING is inherently wrong in politics today. Unlike most people.

  2. laurenreesebenson

    I saw this interview a few weeks ago and like you, I was surprised by the amount of intellect Brand appears to be demonstrating. I think he has a point in the fact that our political system focuses too largely on capitalism and making money, when it should be spending more time focusing on more important factors like the global enviornment and the health and well being of societies lower class citizens.


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