Exams, Exams, & More Exams

The time is finally here–the second wave of midterms. As a freshman, studying for these exams has probably been the hardest thing so far. I can’t seem to concentrate because all I’m thinking about is the next time I’m going to see my friends. A lot of upperclassmen advised me to work on my time management, but I still can’t seem to get my priorities straight…yet.

Taking exams in college is the most different aspect for me. In high school, so many college students told me about how amazing college was and how much fun it is. While I have experienced the “fun” part of college, I didn’t expect it to be this stressful either, mostly because it actually matters now. I know..”you’re only a freshman, you have time.” I’ve heard that countless times in the three months that I’ve been here, but what people don’t understand is that I actually want to work hard and do something amazing with my life. I’m not saying that people who don’t study can’t do anything amazing, but this is just from my personal experience.

So, I just wanted to say good luck to those who are studying for any exams! Study hard, don’t stay up too late, and stay positive!

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About dcho95

I'm a freshman at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. I'm planning on double majoring in English and Journalism and my dream is to eventually work at the New York Times. I'm originally from Morris County in New Jersey and live with my parents, younger brother, and my dog. I love listening to music. I find music especially comforting in times of hardship, which is why I love collecting CDs. Instead of buying music off of iTunes, I find that it is more memorable to have the actual disc in my hand. Out of all the genres of music, I especially like listening to R&B because it tends to be more calming for me--it's a lot slower and more lullaby-like than, let's say, EDM (but I find any kind of genre very interesting).

One thought on “Exams, Exams, & More Exams

  1. angiewishes

    It’s great that you’re realizing this early so that you can get yourself together in time to make the most of your time at Rutgers. I was learning how to adjust to college life by the end of my freshman year and I feel like I could’ve accomplished so much more if I had my mind in the right place earlier. You just have to realize there will always be parties at Rutgers, but the academics and exams don’t wait for you. If you really want, you can totally drink on a Sunday after a stressful Sunday exam. And that’s totally not from personal experience. But make sure you prioritize your academics and keep your grades as high as you can because it’s difficult to bring it up once it goes down. Threaten yourself with impending failure if you have to so you can do your best to avoid it. Always ask your upperclassmen for advice because you can learn from their mistakes and best of luck on your exams as well.


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