Are Kids Growing Up too Quickly?

In the past, I’ve seen many young kids try to act older and hang out with older people in order to make themselves seem older–this stems from the desire to “grow up.” For me, I’ve always been mature for my age, even in my teens, but I found that if I wanted to, I can fool around and be immature from time to time. However, seeing kids nowadays is so upsetting because al they want to do is “grow up.”

Sometimes, I want to tell kids to enjoy their youth and play around because once you grow up, you can’t go back.


This is an article I happened to stumble across and while I read it, I found that today’s society and today’s pressure on young kids is too much. Yes, it’s bad to always fool around and never act mature, but for kids who are in their pre-teens and even younger, I think they deserve to have no worries and play. I think a lot of this comes from what they see on TV, like the very young Disney Channel stars wearing an obnoxious amount of makeup. What they see on TV, read on the Internet, and see in their everyday lives influences how they act and how they grow. While becoming mature is a part of growing up, I think kids should take advantage of their youth and stop trying to act grown up.

What do you guys think?

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One thought on “Are Kids Growing Up too Quickly?

  1. angiewishes

    I definitely think that the defining boundaries of age that existed for our generation have been blurred, if not completely diminished for the generation below us. As a shopaholic, I noticed that most children’s clothes now are miniature version of my clothes. Children fashion and teen/young adult fashion: it all looks the same. Also, the games children play and the games teens and young adults play all seem too similar. It really is a shame that kids these days will never know what it’s truly like to be a kid.


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