Wait, back up.

Did the Internet change society? Or did society change the Internet?

We know for sure that technology is making a huge impact on our lives, but what impact are we having on the Internet? The Internet provides speed, convenience, and efficiency, but are our lives being dominated by technology because we allow it to be? Social networking websites, social media websites, search engines, and so many more are consumer-based. We’ve all had to adjust to websites changing their layout or format, but this is because the website is adjusting to its consumers. Websites that aren’t consumer-friendly or appeal to the consumer lose viewers and, like one of previous posts on this blog mentioned, AOL is one of those websites that are losing profits. With mobile phone technology advancing, many websites are coming out with mobile-friendly version of their webpage that is easy to navigate.

The question of whether the Internet changed society or society changed the Internet is just about as relentless as the question of whether the chicken or the egg came first. But in good fun and out of curiosity, what do you think?



8 thoughts on “Wait, back up.

  1. alistever

    I like your change of pace with this post. I think that a lot of times people attack the internet and social media sites, when in hindsight, these companies are just giving the people what they want. Although I do believe that sometimes websites and social medias target its audiences and try to manipulate the people, I think that we as technology users need to take a look within ourselves and see if we are a part of the “problem” that most people have with technology.

  2. rebeccalee0927

    we invented the internet, we continue to expand technology. in the end it all comes down to us and i think we influence internet more than it influences us. we change it to adjust to the current demand with new websites faster speed and so on.

  3. mjpwoodruff

    I agree that we change the internet. The internet is a product – a really interactive product, but a product, and like with any product, the consumer shapes its production.

  4. kristinalisa08

    i think its us that has the huge impact on technology and the internet mainly because we are the creators. if it weren’t for us, it would not have evolved so much over the years.

  5. jscillitani

    Your post really got me thinking about society and the Internet all together. As some other classmates have commented, I think that it is us that have influenced and impacted the internet and how it is used. Granted the first uses of the internet may have changed society a bit, but we are the ones who use it and continue to expand it’s uses for everything and anything in today’s society.

  6. maryellencags

    I suppose the simple answer would be: yes, we created the Internet and therefore we are changing it. Never forget that technology is not it’s own entity, and there’s always a human somewhere manipulating the circuits.

  7. laurenreesebenson

    I have to agree with my fellow classmates that your question is very thought provoking. All in all, I guess my answer would have to be that we are changing the way the internet works, instead of the internet changing the way we work. If we didnt give meaning to certain codes and generators that become accustomed to our needs, then the way we use the internet wouldnt change. The more we keep adding and keep thinking of new ways to make the internet more efficient, the more we become more efficent !

  8. dcho95

    I really like this post because it enables us to look at the Internet form another point of view. While everyone says how our generation is so affected by the use of the Internet, I think it goes both ways. The Internet wasn’t as big of a fad as it is now when it was first invented, so I definitely think that society has adapted to use the Internet more often. However, people can also argue that because the Internet is such a big fad now, we’re getting more and more addicted to it.


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