No offense Professor…

No offense Professor, but during the first few weeks of this course I honestly did not understand the purpose of posting to WordPress. I thought that giving us the freedom to write about whatever media related topic we desired was meaningless and not constructive. Wednesday nights were miserable because I wasted an excessive amount of time debating what topics to write about. I did not mind the readings; I found most of them quite interesting and informative. Also, writing blog posts took me a very long time because I second-guessed every sentence I typed. Either the word order in the sentence wouldn’t sound right or the sentence was too simple.  The informal “blogger” style of writing was foreign to me. The extent of my college writing education had only gone as far as expository writing (but with plans to be expanded).

As the class continued, the blog posts became less of a burden on my Wednesday nights. It became much easier for me to select a topic and organize my ideas. Once I selected a topic, ideas came easily to me, and then writing felt more natural. I was proud when I produced the occasional “quality” blog post. One time I even made my roommate read my post because I liked it so much. Also, my classmates’ comments proved to me that my writing was not as bad as I had previously thought it was. In one comment, a classmate complimented my sense of humor in my writing. Finally, I stopped sounding like a robot making an argument, like the tone I used in my expos papers.

Previously, I was scared to go out of my comfort zone in my writings because I was afraid my ideas weren’t good enough, and would be rejected. I recently declared an English major, so for every blog post I felt pressured to compose an exceptional piece with advanced vocabulary and a unique style of writing. In my poetry class I was assigned a long-term paper and then waited until the night before the deadline to start the assignment. I purposely did not put my fullest efforts towards the paper because I was afraid that my best work would be inadequate in a class full of aspiring English majors. To my surprise, my grade was a lot better than I had expected it to be. The decent grade did not make me think “Aw yeah I got a good grade so I can bullshit the next paper too!”.  The grade gave me faith in my own ideas and the confidence to demonstrate my true abilities on the next paper. Frankly, my writing skills are still developing. I may not be a naturally talented writer, but I feel that if I continue to learn and practice writing I can achieve at the expected level for an English major.

This course, has taught me to appreciate my creative ideas and not to be scared of others’ criticism. In previous English classes, I have only written in response to assigned prompts. In this class, the freedom to write about topics as we wish does provoke originality and creativity. Thus, it was not the informal style of writing that I was not used to in the beginning of the class; it was the creative thinking that I was not accustomed to. I hope to experience another course in the future in which I can exercise creative thinking, without having to conform to the rigid guidelines of a grading rubric. 


5 thoughts on “No offense Professor…

  1. angiewishes

    I agree that the way this class is structured and the expectations of this class are very different from the traditional writing courses. I am actually in love with the class, and despite having to wake up in the morning for it, it’s the only morning class I attend. I really love that I’m not boxed in by a rigid grading rubric (like you said), and I can exercise my own creativity and express it in a way that I want to. You said that it wasn’t the informal style of writing that you weren’t accustomed to, but the creative thinking. I definitely feel like the projects can be a challenge because I too am not accustomed to this type of creative thinking. But nonetheless, my brain feels relaxed when I’m in this class or doing work for this class because there aren’t many classes that give you this kind of opportunity. If I could take this again for a second semester, I totally would.

  2. joellerae

    I also agree with your feelings about this class when it first started. When posting my blog comments, I always felt like I was posting about pointless things that did not exactly matter. Similarly to you, I have realized that any idea that I have is good enough and that I shouldn’t be cautious about what I write about.

  3. jimmyparnell

    I agree with your feelings about the blogs as I had no idea how keeping a blog would affect my writing style. Not only has it opened a different creative door in mind, it is a complete breath of fresh air compared to the monotonous MLA format papers.

  4. mjpwoodruff

    I agree that the blogs encourage a freedom of thought that you don’t necessarily get in other classes. I wasn’t looking forward to having to write short posts every week, but I’ve found that it’s a good way to force myself to think creatively – it encourages creative discipline.

  5. jscillitani

    Like everyone else, I also agree with your feelings about the class, especially when it first started. I actually thought about dropping it because I was so hesitant about blogging. After getting used to it, I really enjoy it and am looking forward to working on our final project blogs! I feel much more comfortable posting on WordPress and I really enjoy hearing what my peers have to say!


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