The Shooting Incident at GSP

My friend on facebook posted this status on November 4: “WTH…there’s a shooting at GSP right now?!?” I immediately looked it up on google but nothing came up. I then went onto twitter and searched the hashtag, “GSP” and all these tweets came up. It’s amazing how I got information from twitter and not google. It demonstrates how powerful social media actually is. I was also watching the live coverage online. It’s amazing how I didn’t have to leave my laptop and I was finding out about all this stuff within seconds. Did anyone else find out about the shooting through social media (twitter, facebook etc?)


One thought on “The Shooting Incident at GSP

  1. laurenreesebenson

    I heard about the GSP shooting through twitter! It’s crazy how information spreads like wildfire on social media sites. I’m thankful yet apprihensive whenever I hear about incidents like these via social media simply because Im not sure if I can trust the validity of the source.


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