Is it sad that I cannot take my Computers & Applications professor seriously? This woman is supposed to be teaching us valuable computer science skills, yet I get frustrated when she has to end class twenty minutes early because she cannot get a pop up on her laptop to go away. Or turn on the poll for the iClickers. And she has us using software that no one besides those in the course have heard of, so getting help with it outside of class is nearly impossible. And there is a newer version that she does not want to use simply because it has new features. Really? It’s not a shark, its just software. It cannot be that hard to understand. I find this infuriating. How am I supposed to be able to learn about technology from someone who is scare/confused/intimidated by it? Maybe I am being too hard on her? Or does anyone else see the source of my frustration? I take all of my other classes more seriously than her class simply because the help I need for it I know i will not receive, so I just get to it when I get to it…


One thought on “Professors.

  1. juliamoore3

    You are not being to critical of your professor. A Computers & Applications teacher is expected to be able to use computers and applications. I am shocked that she admitted her inability to use the software and expressed frustration with the technologies. As a professor, she should be supportive of her discipline and be encouraging students to continue their studies in Computers & Applications. I wouldn’t be surprised if next class, as she is struggling to turn on the iClicker poll, she mutters under her breath “I fricken hate technology.” Personally, I feel that the best professors are the ones who are passionate about their subjects. If a professor truly enjoys the content that he/she is teaching, I enjoy the class more and learning does not seem like such a chore.


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