Please excuse this uneducated sounding title but….. Ummmmm WUT

So, coinciding with Lanier’s points that he makes clear in this weeks reading, about how technology is the solution to many of our problems and how were taking advantage of this, I came across something called the Chromebook. 

Chromebook is Google’s new computer that offers a fast and efficient mode to getting all your technological needs done. Chromebook is a personal computer that runs on Chrome OS as its main operating system. Apps, pictures, the Web, Documents, all of these will be easily accessible with Googles new little gadget. 

How does this relate to Lanier you may ask? Well, with his evident beliefs on how we should not come to rely on technology so greatly, the world is making the opposite PAINFULLY EASIER. And by easier, I mean, painfully cheap to access. 

The Google computer is starting at $199. What computer have you ever heard of started at $199, other then a used, or extremely small one? $199 for a brand-spankin-new computer and Lanier is trying to tell us to stop relying on technology so much. “But its at the tips of our fingers!” It almost costs more NOT to have this new Google computer! 

I feel that the more this society is coming to the realization that technology is growing increasingly detrimental for our well being, the easier and more accesible technology is becoming and the more it is being integrated in our lives.

If parents can’t afford to buy their children computers for school, pretty soon students in middle and high school will all have Google computers that they can take home and use for their education. Schools will be able to afford hundreds of these things priced at $199 instead of buying only a limited amount for computer labs at $1000 a piece. 

What does this say about generations to come?


Oh… and heres a Chromebook.



One thought on “Please excuse this uneducated sounding title but….. Ummmmm WUT

  1. mjpwoodruff

    I’m not sure I like the idea of the Chromebook or not. I like that it makes technology more accessible to people who don’t have that much money to spend on it – sometimes technology can be exclusive, and the Chromebook sounds like it would be more inclusive than anything… but I also think that if the Chromebook was so impressive, I would have heard more about it by now.


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