Lanier’s internet and money

As the reading of Jaron Lanier’s “You are not a Gadget” continues, he focuses more about humanistic economics. Early on in chapter 7, Lanier touches upon the issue of money and how technology takes away the money and revenue when it comes to networking. Technology is abundant nowadays and due to that, many sites are free and there is no way to charge for them. This idea/fact was also explored in Carr and Shirky’s novels when they both mentioned how many Internet efforts go on with little to no profit. Carr especially discussed on Internet novels and posts take away from novelists and former ideas from great writers since their ideas become published on media sites. In order to account for this, Lanier mentions Ted Nelson who mentions that “instead of copying digital media, we should effectively keep only one copy of each cultural expression…and pay the author of that expression a small, affordable amount whenever it is accessed” (Lanier 101). Realistically, even though this is a solution to writers becoming credited for their work, it is not exactly plausible since it is hard to monitor. Also, this would lead to almost anyone becoming rich for their creative work and since there is not enough money out there to support this idea, I do not agree with it whatsoever.

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