I recently downloaded this app that allows you to unlock your Mac by just knocking on your phone. While it’s a cool little party trick, I find myself just typing in my password because it’s simply faster. (I’m also a little peeved that I spent a few dollars on the app). Besides that though I think it’s a really nifty idea, especially since your phone can be in your pocket and you can still knock to unlock. It’s one of those clever ideas no one has ever thought of because there really isn’t a need.


3 thoughts on “Knock

  1. angiewishes

    Lol @ the ways people come up with to be lazier. I think you’re definitely right with just typing in the password being faster. It probably takes longer for the iPhone and the Mac to process the knocks, unless your password is like a million characters long. I wish I had a Mac tho, there’s so many little gadgets that Apple has exclusively for their products.

  2. alistever

    I think that this is an interesting app, its certainly not like anything I’ve experienced before! Had I discovered this, I probably would have done just the same as you..bought it, and then realized that it was complete waste..but after all, that’s what the creators are looking for you to do…buy it. I think that this is a perfect example of technology advancing just for the sake of advancement. And that is my biggest fear with technology–gadgets and shortcuts that only make us lazier, not more efficient. I believe that if someone takes this technology and develops it into something that can be used to really help and improve someone’s life, then yes this app was worth it. But if it just stops here, I find it completely useless.

  3. mjpwoodruff

    The use of another device to unlock a different one is interesting… but I feel it’s also a little round about. It kind of makes me wonder – why was the person who came up with this app so anxious to not have to type his computer password in?


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