According to an article on, ( the FAA has now officially released that air travelers may now use their electronic devices during all parts of flight now. You will now be able to use your Kindle, Laptop, and cell phone (on Airplane Mode or Wi-Fi) during all stages of the flight, but it just has to be stored during take off and landing. You still cannot make any airborne calls with cellphones, but Bluetooth devices are still allowed as well. The FAA finally released that they realized that most commercial planes can handle signals from various personal gadgets, but they are still required to prove to the FAA that having passengers use these devices will not interfere with anything on the flight. Although the ban on using devices at certain times being lifted, as for now it depends on who you’re flying with individual rules.


2 thoughts on “Hooray! You Can Use Your Gadgets On Flights

  1. eduvert1

    The only thing I do not understand is that if they have approved the use of these devices, shouldn’t they have already tested it to make sure it does not interfere with the signals on a plane? I think it is odd that it is being left up to the pilots to prove that it does not have any issues, and can actually cause some if they have not already tested it.

  2. GabbyG

    Fun fact: they’ve known for years that devices don’t actually interfere all that much with the planes signals. In reality, the reason they ask you to turn off your devices during take off and landing is so that people will be more alert and ready to react should disaster strike. At least that’s what my high school physics teacher told me.


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