A basic introduction to the Deep Web

I think it’s important to realize just how much the internet really encompasses. We are always talking about iPhones and Androids, twitter, instagram, facebook, google, etc but there is more to it than that.

See, when we think of the underside of the internet, we erroneously think of things like 4chan or some shady site you may have run into once after going way too far into the pages of a google search result (protip: after the 5th page, you should probably re-word your search query).

But there is an entire outlet of the internet out there that you can’t even reach through search engines, and that, if all goes well, can let you achieve through anonymity. It’s called the Deep Web and it contains everything from an online drug marketplace (just recently taken down by the FBI, after many years of great business) to a safe haven for whistleblowers to release their material and information.

This video gives a basic overview of it in less than 5 minutes, so it’s a good watch.

PS. I tried TOR once, and note how I said ONCE.


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