Podcast Idea

I would like to do my podcast on alcoholism throughout the world in teens through young adults. Right now in my life I am exposed to alcoholism. My sister is an alcoholic and I am finally coming to terms with it as she is too. I have been dealing with a lot of crazy things the past few weeks involving her and it is really taking a toll on me. The things I have seen and heard have driven me to wonder about why these kinds of addictions start, how they could affect the addicts & loved ones of addicts, and how they can stop/be prevented. I also want to see how this addiction differs in other countries. There are many things to discuss on this topic and I am looking forward to shedding some light on it & also releasing some of the built up thoughts I have on the subject since I learned my sister was an addict.


4 thoughts on “Podcast Idea

  1. kristinalisa08

    This is such a strong topic to talk about and I think the more awareness you raise, the better. its really inspiring that you can talk about these things and give other people a reason to listen.

  2. eduvert1

    Im very sorry to hear about your situation. But I think that doing this topic will do some good not only for you, but for your sister as well. You might be able to find some information to help her. But i think this a great topic to explore.

  3. joellerae

    I really believe that you’re topic could potentially be extremely influential and motivational for teens and people in general. it is a very strong topic and is something that im sure everyone could relate to. I hope you stick to this idea!

  4. Sarah Jaihe Lee

    That’s a great topic. Addiction is very interesting to me because nowadays, I am always hearing about “Molly” and its association with music concerts. Teen Vogue recently featured an article on drugs and it really opened my eyes. It scares me because something that starts off innocent and fun can turn into a harmful addiction. I think this topic is really relevant to our generation.


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