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So I went home this weekend and like my family always does, we visited a couple of family friends just to eat and hang out. Normally, I would’ve played a game of tag or hide and seek with the kids, or, if they were too tired, a game of Monopoly or Scrabble. I was the oldest one there and so the responsibility of keeping the younger kids busy was up to me. However, what I walked into was not a group of children who wanted to be active and social, but a group of children who solely wanted to play games on their parents’ phones.

A friend of mine, who is currently a junior in high school, went up to her mom, complaining about how her younger brother, who is only eight years old, and how he kept trying to take her phone so he could play games. Shocked, I tried to convince him to play with the other kids, but to no avail.

It was difficult to see this, but I saw the harsh reality of technology and what it’s done to people. Although I appreciate technology and how useful it is, I hate seeing young kids playing with iPhones and Galaxys rather than seeing them play outside. I think it takes away from their childhood to the point where they are so engrossed in technology that the way they grow up will be so much different from the way I grew up. Even though I wish things would change, I know that this is the sad truth.

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5 thoughts on “Kids and Technolog

  1. angiewishes

    I’m so proud that I’m a 90’s kid and had an old school childhood. I definitely see technology being introduced to the current generation way earlier than our generation was. I’m at the supermarket and I literally see kids sitting in the cart profusely stabbing at an iPad. I know that many parents in my neighborhood used to take their kids out to play sports or ride bikes, but as they grew older, they’re not out as much and the little boy who lives next door was gushing about his new Xbox the last time I visited home. It’s a shame that this generation’s childhoods will be so different from ours, because they’re really missing out.

  2. eduvert1

    Sometimes I wonder what the next generation will turn out like. I remember when I was younger I would KILL to go play outside. Now these kids don’t even want to leave their rooms. Sigh, I guess we will see what happens.

  3. laurenreesebenson

    So weird! I think the exact same thing! When i see kids today and their techologies that they play with, I constantly remind myself what it was like for me to be a kid! Then I think about how future generations are going to use techology as forms of toys and games. I think being able to play outside and come up with your own games is something that helps kids to develop a sense of imagination. Im not sure how these new forms of games will affect kids when their older…

  4. miguelalex888

    As someone with a little sister that has a tablet, uses the computer, and is obsessed with messing around on other people’s phones, I have to completely disagree.
    Because as soon as the two kids from upstairs start knocking on the door, or my little cousin comes over, she’s begging to go outside and play and then she can stay outside in the backyard or doing laps around the street in her bike for hours upon hours. (yes, with the “just 5 more minutes” begging and all)
    I walk into playgrounds, and there are kids playing and jumping, chasing each other around just as we did.
    The only difference is that they also happen to have tablets and access to the internet.

    And when judging them for it, I think we are also underestimating the amount of time we spent sitting idly in front of the television when we were that age.

    Kids nowadays have a greater variety of options for entertainment, they can explore their local area physically when they want to, and they can get a general consensus of the world as whole through the internet.
    In that way, I personally think they have a greater range of play than we ever did. Why deny it to them?
    Why force them to the exact values and situations we grew up with? Do we really think we are that great, that our personal upbringing is the best and only correct way of raising human beings?

  5. GabbyG

    I would have to 100% agree. My little sister already had an iPhone by the time she was the age when I bought my own first phone (a virgin mobile flip phone in fact). My little cousins are always begging to play with an iPad instead of outside or anything else. Now, at family parties all the little kids are crowded around the few that have the coveted iPad or iPhone and just sit there and enviously watch them. Growing up now is definitely a whole different ball game from when we grew up.


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