Final Project Idea?

So for my final project, I was thinking about researching music and how it’s affecting younger generations and how music is becoming more and more different. For instance, pop songs by Avril Lavigne and Aaron Carter used to be extremely famous and everyone would know the words and dance along to the rhythm. Now, more and more teens are beginning to listen to EDM and House music, which are completely different genres than what Avril Lavigne and Aaron Carter sang. I also wanted to explore a lot of the genres that are in existence today such as Trap and Dubstep and how they affect teens through concerts such as Life in Color, Electric Zoo, and Electric Daisy Carnival. Any thoughts??

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About dcho95

I'm a freshman at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. I'm planning on double majoring in English and Journalism and my dream is to eventually work at the New York Times. I'm originally from Morris County in New Jersey and live with my parents, younger brother, and my dog. I love listening to music. I find music especially comforting in times of hardship, which is why I love collecting CDs. Instead of buying music off of iTunes, I find that it is more memorable to have the actual disc in my hand. Out of all the genres of music, I especially like listening to R&B because it tends to be more calming for me--it's a lot slower and more lullaby-like than, let's say, EDM (but I find any kind of genre very interesting).

7 thoughts on “Final Project Idea?

  1. angiewishes

    Let me just start off by saying: I LOVE EDM! I think a music blog would be awesome. There’s definitely a lot of new sounds and styles of music and it’d be great to discover some of the ones I haven’t heard about yet or haven’t bothered looking into.

    1. angiewishes

      Oh, as for any constructive advice, it’d be great to see some links to Youtube videos of the type of music you’re discussing that way we can easily access the music instead of having to open up another tab because some of us (especially myself) are particularly lazy. Visuals are always a plus.

  2. Quinn

    I think this is a great idea and no only to incorprorate younger generations listening to EDM, but also the phenomenon with young stars such as Justin Beiber and One Direction. Are younger generations more obsesed with boy bands than we were with the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? It would be really interesting to directly compare the 90’s generation of music that we grew up with to right now because I think you would see a lot of change due to technological advances.

  3. kristinalisa08

    This is a great idea especially for a podcast ! It is going to be so appealing to the ear and I think everyone is going to really enjoy it.

  4. eduvert1

    I like this idea a lot, especially since I listen to all kinds of music, so I think it’d be interesting to see what kind of effect each has on somebody.

  5. joellerae

    this is definitely a great idea for a podcast! Many people have differing opinions of what the newer generation of music is doing to our “youth” and it would be interesting to see what you come up with.

  6. laurenreesebenson

    I think this is an interesting concept to explore. What we used to listen to as kids and how it would affect our day to day lives is completely different then what kids today are listening to. I think you can also use child celebrites as role models as part of this research for something like how its affecting their behaviors.


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