Blockbuster Closes

I just read an article on how Blockbuster is officially over and done with. This makes me sad and Ill tell you why. I don’t know about you guys but I grew up with begging my parents to take me to Blockbuster to rent a VCR. It is crazy how advanced technology is that we do not even use VCR anymore and it actually shuts and entire business down. We literally have complete access to movies through the internet or on demand on our tv menus. In a way, I wish technology didn’t offer this. We are all lazy enough. Getting up and going to Blockbuster was something to do to get out of the house with your spouse or children, but now everything is too accessible. 


4 thoughts on “Blockbuster Closes

  1. laurenreesebenson

    I agree! It was really weird finding out that blockbuster is out of business. I remember a local Movie store in my town that I would go to and enjoy running through the isles picking out different movies to watch! Anything and everything that I can watch is able to be instantly accessed within a matter of minutes on the Internet. Its easy and accessable and although I miss being able to physically go through the isles to pick something out, I do love the conviencence of the internet and more specifically Netflix.

  2. miguelalex888

    I never understood why people lamented the loss of past systems and things to technological advancements. Sure, I had great memories of VCR, and going through video stores with my family and stuff…but to actually say that it’s a shame that the VCR business got shut down, that’s just crazy to me.
    It would be like saying it’s a shame we stopped using horse&carriage because now we have cars! Sure horses are cute, but they are over and done with, why dwell on them?
    The memories we have are still there, they won’t go away.
    As for losing the experience of going out with your family? I don’t know, there are a hundred million different more amazing ways you can spend time with your family and bond with them, and we have more time for them now that we don’t have to waste so much time driving to a video store and dealing with finicky VCR’s and return dates.

    I can sit down with my family and find a movie we all enjoy in seconds, watch it, talk about it, have some snacks and watch something else.
    Time is precious, it’s not lazy to want to waste it in lines and panicking over where you left the tape as the return date approaches.

    The great memories and bonds we made with our family and friends never come from the technology we use, they come from our actual family and friends!
    So why fret when the technology fades?
    The memories and bonds will still happen.

  3. Sarah Jaihe Lee

    It’s sad how it’s shutting down but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Everyone is streaming from their computers and we have access to a lot of shows/movies through Netflix, Hulu etc.


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