Who came up with the idea of a closet anyway?

So as I’ve started to gather materials for my podcast project I’ve come to the realization that I 100% need to narrow my topic down so instead of the broader idea of sexuality and identity I’m just going to be focusing on coming out. I’ve got plenty of friends who would be willing to tell their coming out stories to which I’m going to add my own as well as some other clips to keep things interesting. Since we’re not listening to the podcasts I figure I might as well post some of the material I’ll be using on here and get a blog post out of it.

As I’ve posted before I definitely am going to be taking excerpts from Angel Haze’s rendition of “Same Love” and if you didn’t listen to it on my last post you need  to listen to it this time around  https://soundcloud.com/angelhazeym/same-love-angel-haze

I think spoken word poetry is such an amazing art form so I’m hoping to draw some audio clips from LGBT poets on their experiences.

“Dear Straight People” is a bit more aggressive than I would like, but a few of the verses are exactly what I’m looking for. An example is the line “dear straight people, kissing my girlfriend in public without looking to see who’s around is a luxury I do not fully have yet” http://youtu.be/5frn8TAlew0

“I want to know what it’s like” gives off the awwww poor gay people vibe which isn’t what I’m going for at all but I think some portions of it are definitely useable, specifically the “I want to know what it’s like: to have pride, to not have to hide, to not have to lie my whole life” verse. This section can be used to help segue into the more serious portion of the podcast http://youtu.be/5frn8TAlew0

Basically, I don’t want this podcast to devolve into a “poor gay people” or a “goddamn straight people” sort of thing. My real goal here is to just get some people’s experiences/stories out and help people to understand that coming out isn’t just a grand event. It’s something that is ongoing and challenging and filled with apprehension and isn’t always a good thing and doesn’t always go the way that you plan. I want to provide insight into an experience that many people will never have to go through. What someone takes away from this experience (whether that be positive or negative) is up to them.


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