There’s Beauty in Sadness

In Response to “Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones”

In this comedic yet philosophical talk, Louis C.K. talks about why he is against getting his kids cellphones. He starts off talking about how people need to have the ability to be themselves. To just sit there, still, and be a person… rather than always having that urge to text people. Something he said which I found funny yet true, was that underneath everything, we have that thing… “forever empty” knowledge about life… that it is all for nothing and you’re all alone. It is down there. He has experienced this feeling, when he sits alone in the car.  It’s the “Ohh… here it comes. I’m all alone” kind of feeling. It’s sad. He brings up how life is tremendously sad. “That’s why we text and drive,” he says. Louis sees many drivers texting and driving, which is dangerous and selfish, but people are willing to risk taking a life rather than risking their own because they don’t want to be alone for a second.

He talks about how sadness comes, but you should resist texting a million people saying “hi”, and instead, let the sadness hit you like a truck. He did this one day, and started crying, and described it as being a beautiful, poetic experience. “Let yourself feel sad,” he says, because your body has antibodies coming in to meet with your true profound happiness. It is because we don’t want that first bit of sadness,  that we push it away. However, this leaves us never feeling completely sad, or completely happy. Then you did. He ends the talk by saying “That’s why I don’t want to get a phone for my kids.”

I found this talk to be very relevant to what we’ve been learning about the digital age. People are so connected to their digital devices, and it’s becoming harder to be alone and on your own, when you can text your friend in an instant. However, what benefit it is to feel that temporary happiness? At the end of the day, we are still ourselves, and we are still alone in a fleeting world. It’s sad, and it’s okay to feel sad about it. After you allow yourself to drown in your sadness, you will possibly feel a more powerful sensation of happiness and find more beauty in life.


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