Another shooting….

I am sure many of you guys heard about the shooting that happened last night at Garden State Plaza, the mall located in Paramus, NJ. What has this world come to?! Why are there so many shootings happening?! This is why STRICT Gun laws should be made. At least, no one was killed or injured during this shooting. A lot of my friends work at garden state plaza and sometimes my parents go their for a late movie night, so when I heard this news, I just panicked and called everyone that I could think of. Thankfully no one that I knew were working and my parents were already sleeping. However, three of my friends just got out in time before the shooting started. I am so glad to know that everyone is okay and that no one was killed or injured. Just a couple days ago there was also a shooting at the LAX airport. All these shootings are making me lose hope in humanity.



3 thoughts on “Another shooting….

  1. angiewishes

    My friend was at the mall yesterday, too! Thank god she left before the shooting happened. I’m glad to hear no one you knew got hurt.

  2. jscillitani

    I have the same feelings as you when you say “all these shootings are making me lose hope in humanity”. I know that talking about the shootings can become controversial and an issue about gun laws, but for me, I have a harder time wrapping me head around why these shootings are occurring so much more frequently than in the past. It sickens me to think about these occurrences.

  3. kristinalisa08

    I have a lot of family that lives near that area and when I heard the news I did the same thing. It is so scary to think that after EVERYTHING that has happened in the world, people still think it is acceptable to cause harm. I really wish this would all stop and I agree with you that Gun Laws did to be put into action as soon as possible.


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