Have you been wanting to write a novel? Why not start now!?!

Don’t know if you’ve guys heard but November is officially (I am not really sure if it is official actually) National Novel Writing Month! (http://www.usatoday.com/story/popcandy/2013/10/31/nanowrimo/3324827/)

How does it work?

Well it’s kind of like a challenge where writers try to pump out a 50,000 word novel in just a single month. Sounds a little frightening at first, but I recommend any would-be writers to give it a try,

Why dedicate a specific month to it you may ask? Well a common problem with aspiring writers (myself included 1000x) is that we have a problem…actually writing. Procrastination, writer’s block, running out of steam, just sitting around waiting for “inspiration”…it all stops people from actually sitting down by the keyboard and pouring the work needed for a long-project like a novel.

My problem was exactly that. With a 4-5 page school essay, I am used to wasting all my time until 2am and then working furiously ’till 6am, feeling like shit the morning after, getting a good grade, feeling good about myself, and then doing it all again for the next assignment.

Yeah good luck doing that with an entire novel…

(unless you’re Stephen King on cocaine, but that’s another story kids, for another day)

So you sign up in the website (http://nanowrimo.org/), make a profile for the novel you want to work on, and then get a neat little word counter and graph-thingie that tells you what your word count is and what your daily word count should be if you want to finish on time.

They also have a summer month too, which was when I first heard of the whole program/challenge. I made it up to 66,000 words! (And I never got around to actually finishing the last 2 chapters because…no excuse, I just really suck)

I am already 15,000 words into another story, so I’ll be using the challenge as a way to add another 50-70,000 words to that (Oh god, I can feel the sleepless nights already).

It’s incredibly good if you have problems putting off your writing like me. It makes your goal a little more solid, so you can actually aim for it better.

So if novel-writing is your thing, why not give the challenge a go?

It’s only 50,000 words.

PS. This is the second time I mention cocaine in one of my posts, I am not sure how I feel about that.


3 thoughts on “Have you been wanting to write a novel? Why not start now!?!

  1. mjpwoodruff

    I’m impressed that you’ve committed to this before – I don’t think I ever could, not because I’m intimidated by the amount of writing, but by the type of writing (I’ve never been very confident with fiction). Does the website work like a community, or is it more for personal use?

    1. miguelalex888 Post author

      I use it almost exclusively for myself, and by myself. However, there is a budding community in there somewhere if that’s your thing. You can add writing buddies so you can look at each other’s progress and/or encourage one another. You can also check out the forums, which look pretty active. They have topics on working through problems you may be facing in your writing, and there are even some sponsors scoping out good books for limited publishing or more.

  2. dcho95

    I’ve heard about this! A couple of my friends did this last year in high school and I was so impressed because I don’t think I would ever be able to write a novel, now that I’m in college and I’m being bombarded with work. I think it’s a really good idea because I think it would help with time management. For instance, if I were to commit 100% of myself to writing this “novel,” I would HAVE to make time and get all my work done before doing any of it. It’s a good idea to start this–good luck to anyone who’s doing it!


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